Recife : Best City To Enjoy Your Holiday with Your family

Located in the far east of Brazil, Recife is known for its port, its beaches but above all for being one of the oldest cities in Brazil.

Discover Recife

Founded in 1537, the fifth Brazilian agglomeration became the capital of the State of Pernambucano three hundred years after its creation in 1837. If the historic center is made up of two islands, which earned it the nickname of “Brazilian Venice”, the city has expanded over time to become the economic and cultural center of the region. In Recife you will rub shoulders with the heritage of the settlers and contemporary Brazil, in full growth. With a nature preserved from man, you will succumb to the temptation to discover Recife and its surroundings.

When to go to Recife?

The period to avoid is between April and July. Rainfall is frequent here. The temperatures are the same, yet you will not enjoy the radiance of the city and its surroundings like the rest of the year. From August to February there is plenty of sunshine with temperatures ranging between 20 and 35 degrees.

What to do in Recife?

The Atlantic coast that borders Recife gives all the splendor to this former colonialist city. Of Portuguese and Dutch influence, this city on a human scale exudes tranquillity. Stroll through the alleys and discover the various treasures of Recife and its surroundings.

Center of Recife

In the city of Recife you can visit many monuments. The oldest synagogue in America was built in Recife in 1636. After the departure of the Dutch in 1654, the Kahal Zur Israel synagogue will no longer be used as a place of meditation. Like the synagogue, the churches of San Antonio and San Pedro must be visited. Browse the San José market, admire the Palace of the Governors then take the time to walk in the various parks of the city, each more sumptuous than the next. In Recife time stands still. Set yourself on city time during your stay.


Founded in 1535 Olinda is two years older than Recife. Located north of the state capital, this city appreciated by artists is protected so as not to distort its charm. The splendor of the colors and its architecture takes on another dimension during the carnival, where Olinda rediscovers the magic of yesteryear. Architecture blends perfectly with nature. All you have to do is stroll on the cobblestones of Olinda to see the sumptuousness of a city that has not aged a bit.

How to get around Recife?

The period to avoid is between April and July. Rainfall is frequent here. The temperatures are the same, yet you will not enjoy the radiance of the city and its surroundings like the rest of the year. From August to February there is plenty of sunshine with temperatures ranging between 20 and 35 degrees.

Where to eat in Recife?

In Recife you can discover typical Brazilian food, in addition to that of Pernambucano. State cuisine is mainly made of fish, shellfish and vegetables. You will discover in particular the Paçoca de carne do sol, the Carurù or the Bolo de Rolo for dessert. In Pernambucano you will not regret eating the local cuisine!

Where to sleep in Recife?

Hotels in Recife are not popular with vacationers and tour operators. However, you can find a nice hotel for a low cost. If you wish to stay in a more romantic setting, you will be advised to find a room on the Olinda side.

Recife’s 12 Must See Places

Paco do Frevo

Everything you need to know about the dance and music of the frevo, traditional in Pernambuco, is here. A building that ––in addition to showing how the frevo, musical rhythm and natural dance originated in the state of Pernambuco–– has the mission of disseminating and helping in the formation of dance and music. Shall we dance and get into the carnival spirit? Next to the entrance, there is a bar, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a very cozy space.

Boa Viagem Beach

Seven kilometers long, Boa Viagem beach is one of the places to walk in Recife. But be careful if you want to take a dip… there are shark advisories in the area, so you should avoid swimming beyond the reefs. All in all, it is a very nice area to relax and walk at any time… Don’t miss the sunset!

Embassy of Pernambuco – Giant dolls from Olinda

Since carnival is the biggest party, it is natural that there are many references to it. And the Embassy of Pernambuco – Giant Dolls of Olinda hosts some of the “protagonists” who animate the party in Olinda, and who represent well-known personalities from around the world, from cinema and music to politics and religion or sports. . If you want to take a photo with the “celebrities”, here you will find everything from Pelé to Darth Vader, or from David Bowie to Pope Francis.

Zero Frame

Rio Branco square, also known as Marco Zero, is huge, and it is precisely there that the sign that measures the official distances by road is located. It is a place where locals and visitors gather to appreciate the views of the Capibaribe River and the Parque das Esculturas Francisco Brennand, which commemorates the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil. The square is located next to the (renovated) warehouses of the port, where modern bars and restaurants are located.

Pernambuco Craft Market

It is located next to Marco Zero and it sells handicrafts representative of the entire state of Pernambuco. The Craft Market is the ideal place to buy souvenirs, since it has pieces of different prices. And there is a little bit of everything: furniture, decoration pieces, clay works, embroidery, wood, glass, textiles… crafts all made by more or less well-known figures from the region. There is nothing more typical!

Old warehouses of the port of Recife

Next to the Marco Zero, on the river bank, there are many modern bars and restaurants that occupy the old warehouses. If before this was an area where there was no entertainment, now it is precisely the opposite: every day of the week there is an excuse to visit one of these spaces. Also here (at Armazém 10) you will find the Cais do Sertao, an interactive museum about the Sertão and Luiz Gonzaga, considered one of the best museums in South America.

Boa Viagem Fair

 If you stay in one of the hotels (we suggest the Atlante Plaza Hotel) next to Boa Viagem beach, you will be a two-minute walk from the traditional Boa Viagem Fair. It has existed since 1966 and, in addition to crafts —and other souvenir items—, you can find numerous sweet and savory food stalls. Here you can also find the church of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, which gives its name to this place.

Catamaran ride (night)

To make the most of your time in Recife, you can take a boat trip on the Capibaribe River. Catamaran Tours, which leaves from Cais Santa Rita, makes night tours where it is possible to discover the history and architecture of the city and contemplate its illumination. It is an essential walk. Before leaving on the boat, you can have dinner next to the departure pier.

Ceramic workshop of Francisco Brennand

Figure of the arts, Francisco Brennand is well known for his work in painting and ceramics. Those who wish to see and learn something more about his figure can visit the museum installed in the Oficina Cerâmica Francisco Brennand. The artist from Pernambuco has exhibited numerous works here: from paintings and drawings to ceramic works that reflect a life dedicated to the arts. In addition to the enclosed spaces, there are works scattered throughout the gardens, and it also has a bar and a shop.


Charming place, with colorful houses, with many craft workshops and a lot of history (it was called the “little Lisbon”), which has resulted in such wealth that it has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. From Alto da Sé you have stunning views of the coast and the various surrounding churches (all facing the cathedral). It is also known for its great carnival party, with the parades of the giant dolls of Olinda.

Porto de Galinhas

A few kilometers from Recife is Porto de Galinhas, known for its beaches, tourist complexes and coconut palms, which give the place a paradisiacal touch. If you don’t have time for anything else, at least visit the natural pools, with crystal clear waters, where you don’t need to dive to see all the fish. The walks to the natural pools, formed by the reefs at low tide, are done on rafts, in the traditional way. Essential!

Visit the Ricardo Brennand Institute

Founded by the Pernambuco collector Ricardo Brennand, it is considered one of the best museums in Brazil. It started a few years ago, from a personal collection of bladed weapons (currently there are more than 3,000 pieces) and, today, it is an eclectic museum that houses part of local and even world history. As important works, it has replicas of David (Michelangelo) or The Thinker, by Rodin, for example.

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