Where to find the best beaches in Brazil?

Beach in Brazil: An air of idleness and tranquility blows over the 7,000 kilometers of coastline that Brazil has. All more beautiful than the other, they are above all unique, preserved, certain guarantees without tourists. We have compiled a selection of the ten most beautiful Brazilian beaches for you to swim, relax and above all relax during your next trip to Brazil.

Beach in Brazil: Ipanema in Rio de Janero

If it is not necessarily the most pleasant for swimming, strolling along the embankment of Ipanema Beach and witnessing a beautiful sunset is one of the essentials if you are in Rio de Janeiro.

Beach in Brazil: Copacabana in Rio de Janero

Walking, strolling in the sun on the 4 km offered by Copacabana beach is pure pleasure. Copacabana is undoubtedly the most famous beach in the world, and there’s plenty for that! Its fine sand, ideal for a game of volleyball, its clear water at the perfect temperature will make you fall in love with this mythical beach. Beware of the waves, however, which can be dangerous and cause you to lose your footing quite quickly.

Beaches of Brazil: Cueira on the island of Boipeba

Do you know the perfect, deserted beach with its calm waters, white sand and coconut palms? There you have it: the beach of Cueira, on the island of Boipeba is a paradise on earth and a haven of peace assured. Accessible after a thirty-minute walk from Boca da Barra, is one of the most welcoming beaches on the island for swimming, as the water is so calm.

Baia do Espelho beach in Salvador de Bahia

In Portuguese, Baia do Espelho means “Mirror Beach” and it deserves its name, as its water is clear and clean. If during the day the beach is calm, at night it is livelier because some parties are organized by the beach.

Patacho beach in Alagoas

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Patacho Beach in Alagoas is distinguished by its thousands of coconut trees, its natural pools that form at low tide and the coral reef visible when the waters are at their lowest level. In addition, the beach is almost deserted all year round, so a haven of peace guaranteed far from the tourist bustle!

Beach in Brazil: Baia do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha

As its name suggests, Baia do Sancho beach is a semi-circular bay bordered by crystal clear waters. Its cliffs allow you to admire the fantastic view that is offered to holidaymakers and the clear sea allows you to see sea turtles. Ideal for a romantic trip for two!

Baia dos Golfinhos beach in Rio Grande do Norte

The Baia dos Golfinhos, or Dolphin Beach in Portuguese, located in Rio Grande do Norte is a beach with transparent waters and golden sand. As the name suggests, the main attraction of this beach are the dolphins. Indeed, if you rent a small boat, it’s a safe bet that you will see these small mammals swimming in the calm waters of Praia dos Golfinhos.

Jericoacoara beach in Fortaleza

Jericoacoara beach, literally “place where crocodiles sleep in the sun” (in Indian language) is one of the Brazilian beaches most appreciated by surfing enthusiasts. You can also bask quietly on the hammocks arranged at the very edge of the water. Sublime sunsets to admire from the top of the dunes, shooting stars in the sky at nightfall, Jericoacoara beach is paradise on earth.

Joaquina beach in Santa Catarina

Joaquina Beach in Florianopolis, on the Brazilian island of Santa Catarina, attracts surfers from all over the world. Big waves are often formed thanks to the swell coming from the South Atlantic and Antarctica.

Beach in Brazil: Ubatuba beach in Sao Paulo

Ubatuba beach in Sao Paulo is a very fashionable seaside resort, renowned for the purity of its waves. Let yourself be seduced by its almost deserted beach of fine white sand facing the ocean which offers all its splendour. Surely one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

Beach in Brazil: Where to sleep to be closer to the sea?

Brazil has a plethora of hotel establishments and guest houses that are located very close to the sea. Ideal for not wasting time in transport. Here are some addresses that we recommend:

In Rio de Janeiro

The Fasano Hotel

Located in one of the most popular areas of the city, on Avenida Vieira Souto, on the edge of Ipanema Beach, the Fasano benefits from an ideal location and seduces with its very 60’s decor in the design and chic style signed Philippe Starck. In total, the hotel has 79 rooms and 10 suites, all of which include a private balcony overlooking the sea or the surrounding landscape. The strong point of the Fasano hotel? Its heated swimming pool located on the roof terrace offering an absolutely unique view of the sea, the Aproador, the Morro Dois Irmaos and the Corcovado. Relax on one of the striped lounge chairs and enjoy the sunset (or sunrise) on beautiful Ipanema Beach.
Learn more about Hotel Fasano.
> Address: Av. Vieira Souto, 80 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22420-000, Brazil

In Salvador de Bahia

Palace Hotel

In Salvador de Bahia, just opposite the bay of Todos os Santos, nestles the Fera Palace Hotel, a charming 4-star hotel where luxury takes on its full meaning. It has several rooms, suites and even fully equipped apartments for who would like to extend their stay in Salvador de Bahia. The must of the must? Go up to the roof terrace, on the top floor of the hotel, to take advantage of its infinity pool offering a breathtaking view of the bay. Pure luxury.
> Address: R.Chile, 20 – Centro Historico, salvador –BA, 40020-000, Brazil

In Sao Paulo

Hotel Cadoro

This charming four-star hotel enjoys an ideal location in the center of Sao Paulo. Its rooms are refined and spacious, but the highlight of the show is nestled in its rooftop. A fabulous swimming pool awaits you to relax to the maximum.
> Address: R. Augusta, 129 – Consolacao, Sao Paulo – SP, 01305-900, Brazil

In Paraty

Mani Om Pousada

The Mani Om Pousada e Centro Holístico is a charming establishment just 3 km from the center of Paraty, in a zen and relaxing setting. His promise? Offer a real moment of tranquility and serenity with a service with small onions.
> Address: Rodovia Paraty – Cunha 347423970-000 ParatyBrazil

When to go to Brazil?

Many Brazilian cities and events are famous throughout the world, their festivals and many of their cultural displays are also famous. It has a great natural, climatic, social and geographical diversity that makes it a special destination for those who want to know it.

Likewise, it is so immense that it requires a fixed time to be carried away by its charms.

Unlike other countries, it will not be possible to visit many places at the same time, or in a single trip, it will be necessary to establish a route in advance and stops between one place or another, or accommodation to continue in the same point due to its immensity; It is one of the peculiarities of Brazil being so big.

But there is nothing to fear, the diversity of Brazil covers all kinds of expectations and tastes of tourists, which is why an extensive recommendation of all the possibilities that this country has is necessary.

Being a popular destination worldwide, it is difficult to know how to generalize about the problems with tourism throughout the country; but there are some observations to take into account to plan a vacation and enjoy it:

  • January: one of the most saturated months in the entire country due to vacations, it is the time when Brazilians walk around their country and it is almost impossible to walk in peace.
  • Carnival: the same thing happens only for a few days, especially in Sao Paulo; the streets and beaches are saturated and it is not very pleasant, unless you want to see the carnival live.
  • Easter: overcrowded, it is very difficult to find accommodation at a low price. Everything gets expensive.
  • July: second and highest holiday period of Brazilian tourism.
  • December: the time with the most expensive hotel prices of the year, prices rise considerably.
  • Holidays: especially the bridges, the spaces in which people move from one place to another.

The climate in Brazil

Another point to consider is the climate, especially since it is very different in each region.

  • January: good weather in the north and west, tropical storms in the east and south.
  • February: the same way as January.
  • March: autumn begins, the temperature drops in the east-south, there are still some tropical storms in the same region.
  • April: the temperature becomes colder in the whole country, almost all the storms stop.
  • May: The cold is marked in the south-east, especially in the sea and natural destinations.
  • June: the rains begin on the Bahía coast, very cold.
  • July-August: the lime gradually changes, but remains very cold in general.
  • September: the weather turns a little warmer.
  • October-November: the heat breaks through a bit, the weather becomes pleasant throughout the country. Some recommend traveling in this month because of the excellent weather in some regions and the low season.
  • December: the weather is fully warm, the summer storms begin in the south-east.

The best time to travel to Brazil

The recommended destinations change according to the two previous factors, so according to the information, the suggestions for traveling to Brazil:

  • January: the cities clear up, the traffic lightens up and the Iguazú Falls fall with greater force, more water and it looks better than in other times.
  • February: Paraná, Sao Paulo (if you want to see the carnival), Santa Catarina, the beaches of Rio Grande do Sul, Salvador de Bahia, etc. Especially after carnival because it will be very clear.
  • March: mainly beaches like Río Grande and Santa Catarina, in some it has stopped raining or the serious ones have not started.
  • April: historical cities like Minas Gerais, some beaches and the coasts due to the good weather.
  • May: historic cities; On the coasts, rains and tropical storms are already coming.
  • June: Las Serras, mountains that are enjoyed in the cold season, the old cities and the marshes, the area of ​​the Lençóis Maranhenses, an area of ​​lagoons that stop flooding at that time.
  • July: A good time to explore the Amazon, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago and the areas mentioned above.
  • August: The Tapajós River, the coastlines with rivers, the Lençóis Maranhenses and the Amazon.
  • September: Almost everywhere in August, the Pantanal dries up at this time.
  • October: the coasts of Sao Paulo, southern Bahia and Arraial d’Ajuda. Rio de Janeiro is a good option. 
  • November: the coasts and Rio de Janeiro.
  • December: the same places as November.

Some precautions before traveling to Brazil

In some areas more than in others, but something that is a fact is the high level of insecurity and the crime rate that exists in some regions of Brazil, especially when it comes to tourism. And not only that, you also have to be careful with irregularities that occur during the course, such as:

  • Exchange different currencies for Brazilian reais: airports are the destinations with the most expensive exchange rates, so looking for an authorized exchange house is a better idea.
  • Medical insurance: especially in humid areas, there are mosquitoes that get sick with yellow fever and other diseases. Some travel medical insurance can cover these ills and welcome the traveler in private hospitals.
  • Shopping: Many other people advise not to buy things that are not worth buying, only those that are not in the country of visitors; native crafts and food. Anything else is irrelevant.
  • Planes instead of buses: distances in Brazil are not small, sometimes a plane trip of an hour or two will be better than more than 20 in a truck.
  • Cars: in some places they can be rented, but the distances that are covered with it and where they are returned influence the price.
  • Choose bases: choose cities or central places to get to know the surroundings, to find a hotel and rest.
  • Food: Brazil is brimming with dining options, in each region there is a dish worth trying and to leave out fast food chains.

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